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Here’s the 4-step process we use to grow your site's traffic

In-Depth Research

Create Content

Audit & Publish

Build Links

In-depth research

Learn more about your target audience and their pain points, map those to keyword opportunities, and prioritize based on traffic potential and business impact.

Create Content

Find writers who are either experienced in your niche or can write intelligently about the topics we’re targeting and create briefs for them to write.

Audit & Publish

Next we’ll run each post through a thorough SEO audit to make sure it’s comprehensive enough to rank, is easy for readers to digest, and looks good on your blog.

Build Links

Creating content isn’t enough – you still need backlinks to rank in Google. We’ll build targeted links to our articles each month to help your content rank higher.

The Results We’ve Helped Companies Achieve


Growth in less than 12 months

In less than a year, we grew SnackNation’s monthly organic visits from 19,000 to over 125,000.


Organic visits per month,
starting from 67k per month

We helped Time Doctor go from 67,000 organic visits/mo to over 113,000 in a year. They then grew their monthly organic visits to over 400,000 a few years later.


Growth in 12 months

We grew Roofstock’s organic traffic from 38,880 visitors per month to 123,344 in one year. During that time period, leads from organic traffic also grew by 232%.

Work With Us?

Here are a couple of things we
believe set us apart…

We don’t use a team of generic writers to create content for your company. Instead, we find people who are subject matter experts so the people reading your content actually believe you know what you’re talking about. Sell accounting software? We’ll find a writer who has practiced accounting. Target audience real estate investors? Our writer will be a real estate investor.

We’re only focused on you and a small handful of clients at one time (versus the typical agency model where you’re passed along to a more entry-level associate juggling dozens of accounts).

Unlike other SEO agencies, we won’t just bring you traffic and leave you hanging to figure out how to convert it. We’ve grown blog traffic in multiple industries and found successful conversion strategies, and we’ll advise you on how to do the same.

We don’t require any long-term contracts or commitments.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Emil and his team are masterful content and SEO strategists. They have a systematic approach that has been able to consistently produce results for us.

Suresh SrinivasanCMO, Roofstock

It's been nearly a year, and the Catalyst Content team has exceeded our expectations and goals. Our organic traffic and the sheer number of keywords we rank for (on the first page of Google) is off the charts.

Emil and his team are like the Navy Seals of SEO. They're a small but highly effective team that gets the job done right. If you're looking to grow through SEO/content marketing, I don't think you'll find a better team.

Tyrel JohnsonHead of Performance Marketing, Evercast

We doubled our organic search volume within a year of working with Emil for a niche we already dominated.

If you want to turn up your marketing campaigns, he's your guy.

Liam MartinCMO/Co-Founder, Time Doctor

If you have the chance to hire Emil and his team, jump on it. He launched the SnackNation.com blog from scratch and grew it to over 500k visitors/month.

Andy MackensenCMO/Co-Founder, SnackNation

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